Handicap Access


Lightweight Wheelchairs

When you are in the situation where you need to rely on a wheelchair to get around, a regular model is usually sufficient for most of your needs. But there are some situations where a lighter weight model really comes into its own and it's this aspect of the device that this article will look into.

Most wheelchairs designed for general use are built to be sturdy as they often have to carry the hefty weight of the occupant as well as be wheeled along often less than smooth sidewalks or along paths that were never originally intended for this mode of transportation. That means the frame is often rigid and of tubular steel which is of necessity fairly heavy to bear the burden of its occupant and the terrain they have to traverse. But there are many situations where this sturdiness is not essential and a lighter framed version can be used to great effect.

When traveling, especially by air, a lightweight folding wheelchair is a really useful aid as it can travel with the user on the plane and not take up any room or overbalance their weight restrictions. Lightweight rigid wheelchairs are similarly useful when traveling by train or road in a suitably adapted handicap van or MPV or even an RV. They are also much more maneuverable in shopping malls where the flooring tends to be of higher quality and smoother than general sidewalks.

Getting the most from lightweight wheelchairs is possible when they are put to the right uses and in the right situations. these are just about anywhere where the chair is not going to have to be manhandled by helpers up and down stairs or rough steps, or have to be bumped along an uneven sidewalk or track. However you use yours, you’ll be much happier at being able to move yourself around more easily thanks to the lower weight and a helper will also be thankful for the easier load to push around!