Handicap Access


Handicap Scooters

I know I’ve already been over some of the benefits of these great electrically powered handicap scooters, but it's also something to just have a look at the general getting around in them part! Yeah, there’s probably a story in there someplace and why not?

Well, my aunt loves to go into town on her scooter and she’s very fond of zipping along the sidewalk and stopping in every store to chat to the owner for some time. Well, it's not as if she has too much else to do with her time, so she spends it catching up with the local gossip and adding her own into the ever flowing mix. She ends up meeting some friends for coffee in a little coffee bar along the way and on sunny days they all like to sit outside on the wide terrace and talk about just everything under the sun while watching the world go by.

Another of her favorite haunts is the local library in our town and there she can spend a few hours browsing through some reference books on some of the subjects that interest her on the day. She chops and changes often, so you never know which books she will choose on any particular day. She likes the library as the building is fairly modern and is equipped with a shallow ramp out front for wheelchairs and motorized scooters such as her own. Inside, access to the upper floors is via a central elevator and they also have a wheelchair lift fitted to the main stairs just in case there is anything wrong with the elevator, so there is always a backup for folks that need that facility.

Once she has bought all her day’s knickknacks and her few grocery items, she heads off back home to prepare her dinner. Now this is all made possible because she owns a great little three wheel motorized handicap scooter. Otherwise she would have to rely on someone to push her in her wheelchair which she uses in her home as she is not strong enough to push herself all the way into town and back again. So you can see that handicap scooters really improve people’s lives by enabling then to get around, just like my aunt does.