Handicap Access


Getting Over Handicaps

When you are limited in your ability to get around because of a physical disability of one kind or another it can get pretty frustrating at times, especially when you see plenty of able bodied people who seem to waste what they have by sitting around all day, eating themselves into the obesity statistics books. But it's not so much about getting angry with other people as getting smart with yourself and what you can do to make the best of the situation as it affects you personally.

There are many ways in which overcoming handicaps can become an obsession and with an amazing amount of determination can become a reality of sorts. We see evidence of this in particular at handicap sports events where athletes have overcome seemingly impossible odds to be able to compete at high levels especially in areas of running or jumping which in the past would have been totally heard of for paraplegics reliant on prosthetic limbs.

The latest in technology has produced artificial lower legs that enable runners to achieve impossible speeds through a combination of guts and sheer determination. So when we are sitting at home watching these amazing and truly fascinating sporting events, grumbling that we have to view life from a wheelchair, remember that nothing is impossible, no matter how difficult it may seem.

With determination, attitude and the need to be more than what a mere physical limitation says we can be, we can achieve much more than we ever believed we could. It just takes some imagination and belief in ourselves that whatever we can imagine ourselves doing, we can bring into reality in one way or another.

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