Handicap Access


Welcome to this specialist site called Handicap Access. This has been put together to cater for people with physical handicaps or to put it more correctly, people with disabilities. The main aim of the blog is to gather together an informative series of posts that will cover several of the different aspects of this subject. The blog will include information on mobility issues that present themselves in many real life situations and instances. It will also gain insights into accessibility issues that can occur with public buildings and recreational facilities.

The series of articles will also branch off and look at the private home and its layout and design. They will take a look at where changes or improvements can be made for the better. There will be a chance to investigate where such changes or improvements will make it easier for the homeowner or anyone who is restricted in any way by their disability to make full use of the house and all of the rooms and facilities inside.

To widen the scope of the articles, we will be looking at the topic of handicapped transportation. This will lead us to the handicap vans and any other customized vehicles that are used for transporting those people that need to get from A to B and maybe to C as well. Another side of this topic is personal transportation, where we can focus on smaller, single person vehicles such as the convenient electric handicap scooters that are becoming very popular with so many people who are in need of a motorized means of getting around out of doors.

This blog will be building up over time into a general purpose reference for anyone who is affected by a physical handicap or disability. Then we’ll see if there are ways of improving what we already have.